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Even the most seasoned traveller can't help but be awestruck by Augusta's outstanding natural beauty.. Be it the rugged coastline of Cape Leeuwin or the expanse of Flinders Bay and the sheltered tranquillity of the Blackwood River and Hardy Inlet.

Sunrise and sunset at Cape Leeuwin are a photographers dream, where almost daily, great photo opportunities are available and it is one of the very few locations in the world where you can watch the sun rise over one ocean and sink below another without having to travel. 

Then there's the sweeping views along the Leeuwin-Naturaliste Ridge to Hamelin Bay and beyond.

The Southern and Indian Oceans converge at Cape Leeuwin, a spot marked by the historic Leeuwin Lighthouse, where visitors can take daily tours.

The seasonal moods of the ocean are responsible for our glorious sunsets, mild winter weather and delightfully warm summers.

The Augusta Visitor Centre is open every day and will look after all your accommodation needs.

Cave Interior 

mighty leviathan

From June through to September, Augusta is alive with whale song. Protected from the north-westerly wind by Cape Leeuwin, the gentle conditions on Flinders Bay make it perfect for whale watching 

The Southern Right and Humpback Whales can be seen off the coast as they undertake one of natures longest migrations from the polar waters to the warmer equatorial waters in the north. Whale watching charters offer a truly memorable encounter with the whales, dolphins and New Zealand Fur Seals from the nearby colony on the offshore islands. You can even witness these giants and their antics from the shore.


Whether you want to lie back and laze on the white sandy beach at Hamelin Bay, or get into some sports action, Augusta is the place to be. Why not drop a line from a dinghy on the placid waters of the Blackwood River. Or, perhaps a spot of sailing is more your style or maybe a relaxing ferry cruise up stream.

If windsurfing is your thing, then the tranquil river is perfect for beginners, while Flinders Bay will challenge the experts. Explore the dive trails of our coastline, including underwater caves, numerous wrecks and fascinating marine life. You are sure to enjoy the pristine waters of the region if you like to fish. The Blackwood River is renowned for its bream, herring and whiting. Out in the bay there are dhufish and snapper and many other species to test your skills.


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