Augusta Community Resource Centre

The Augusta CRC

The Augusta CRC

Augusta CRC

The Augusta Community Resource Centre (formerly known as Augusta Telecentre) is part of Western Australia’s longest running and most successful regional community services, the Telecentre program. Augusta CRC is a proud member of WA Community Resource Network (WACRN).

Community Resource CentreWhat is a Community Resource Centre?

Community Resource Centres are becoming the hub of small rural towns and are a great way to get to know local people.

Community Resource Centres can provide information about places of interest and point you in the right direction for local services and business providers. Production of newsletters, hosting of local events and support for community building activities are all offered through CRCs.

Drop in and say hello at 66 Allnutt Terrace Augusta, you will be amazed at the services and community benefits that a CRC has to offer. You may even want to get involved yourself by volunteering skills or just your time for the benefit of the whole community.
Internet access, training courses, equipment hire, VOIP, Video Conferencing, Business Services and much more are available at the CRC. See our Services Page for more details of services provided by Augusta Community Resource Centre.

CRC History

old-augusta-telecentreAugusta CRC was first opened under the ​name of Augusta Telecentre in 1996 across the road from it’s current location.

Find Us

We are located at 66 Allnutt Terrace Augusta W.A. 6290
Our Phone Number is (08) 9758 0002

Click here to find us in Google Maps.
We look forward to seeing you soon.

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