Augusta Western Australia

Cape Leeuwin

Cape Leeuwin with Lighthouse in distance

Western Australia’s Spectacular South West

Augusta is a small seaside hamlet of approximately 1200 people located at Australia’s most south-westerly point. The population of Augusta does increase substantially over the summer and holiday periods with many visiting holiday makers, backpackers and even residents returning from the northern winter warmth. increasing the activity around town dramatically.

This spectacular region of South-West Western Australia is one of the most attractive holiday areas in Australia, offering dramatic coastlines, stately forests of Karri, Jarrah and other impressive native fauna sure to impress nature lovers and seekers of serentity. Long distance walking is very popular in the region with designated trails from cape to cape. With such a long coastline sea and shore fishing is widely available as is excellent game angling. Good river fishing is always available on the beautiful Blackwood River.

If your tastes are a bit more action oriented, there are many options for extreme sports fans, from rugged mountain biking through stunning landscapes, Kite Boarding on the Beautiful Blackwood or even tow out jet-skiing. The latter is definitely not for the inexperienced though, these offshore waves are rated amongst the most challenging and adrenaline pumping swells to be found anywhere else on the planet.

Augusta Boat Harbour

Augusta Boat Harbour

Whale Watching in AugustaThe White Whale

The legendary White Whale was first spotted as a calf of the coast of Augusta at Flinders Bay in 2008. Cetacean experts estimate this whale is one of only 10 estimated white whales in the world.

Flinders Bay is one of the few whale nurseries, where expectant mothers come to give birth to calves in the safe and rich waters of Flinders Bay. The mothers and calves usually stay in the bay, feeding and growing until the calves are strong enough. Then late September to early October the northern leg of the migration begins.

Regular Whale Watching Tours are available in Augusta from June to September.

Augusta evening at Seine Bay

Sunset over Seine Bay from The Colourpatch

Augusta – Western Australia’s Best Kept Secret

Augusta best kept secret

The region is one of scenic contrasts. The indented coastline blends with spectacular views and the Blackwood River and Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park combine with the coast to give a landscape that offers much to the visitor. While the larger and close by town of Margaret River is globally renowned for it’s world class wines and surf beaches, it is just a short drive south to one of the best kept secrets in Western Australia: Augusta.

Many day visitors to Augusta, who are already holidaying in Margaret River, change their plans once they discover the peace and natural beauty here. The beaches and wineries are still close by, but the difference between the two towns is only appreciated by visiting.

Don’t expect to hear much about Augusta though, many who have already discovered this exquisitely beautiful corner of the world may even attempt to keep the secret to themselves.

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